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                                        Thank God for Tim and Joe 

Technical Rider January 2023 



Producer: Joseph de Paul – 514.574.6553 -
Stage manager and technical director: Rodolphe St-Arneault - 450.502.9398 –




Our show can easily be transformed to fit every context and occasion. Our lighting setup can be reduced when needed to fit most venues.


Tour crew

2 Actors / Clown artists 1 Musician
1 Stage manager

Stage space needed

                                                       Ideal conditions                               Minimal conditions


 Width of the stage:        24’-0’’ / 7.3 m                                         16’-0’’ / 4,9m 

Depth of the stage:         22’-0’ ’/ 6.7m                                          18’-0’’ / 5.5m

Grid height :                          20’-0’’ / 5.5m                                          16’-0’’ / 3.7m

Flat floor, without incline.

Local team needed and suggested schedule

With pre-hung: 1x 4 hour call with 2 technicians and 1 soundman

Tear down: 1 hour with 2 technicians
Without pre-hung: 1x 6 hour call with 2 technicians and 1 soundman

Tear down: 1 hour with 2 technicians

The show-call is 1 hour 30 before the show.

The team may need time in the space after the setup to rehearse.


Dresssing rooms

2 dressing rooms able to welcome 2 people are necessary. The dressing rooms must be equipped with towels, a bathroom, a sink, soap, well lit, mirrors, clothes hangers and clothes rack. This space must be clean and safe.
If many performances are planned in a same venue, a washer and dryer will be needed. If the venue can't provide a washer and dryer, it should warn the team in advance and provide alternatives.

The venue must provide 4 bottles of water for every performance.



The team usually travels with a minivan or in two separate cars. The venue must provide a safe parking space nearby for them.

Technical equipment provided by the venue

*** A lighting plan adapted to your venue will be sent to your technical director 2 weeks in advance.***



The venue must provide the gels for the lamps.

1 ETC or Strand programmable lighting console (or any console that can support ASCII format)
64 Dimmers 1,2K or 2,4K
29 Fresnels 1k

12 ETC Source4 36°
7 ETC Source 4 15°-30° (FOH)

6 ETC Source 4 PAR Narrow

2 Altman ZS-2



1 Complete integrated sound system (P A)

1  Numerical mixer soundboard

2  DI (for a Piano and ukulele)

1  Microphone SM81 (for a Clarinet or melodica)

2  Wireless headset Shure Beta53

2 Monitors, with the amplification and equalizer needed 1 88 keys piano (1.5m or Roland FP 30, or equivalent)



The set is a self-supporting and mobile wooden arch.
A table holding all the accessories is placed backstage, behind a curtain.

We need 3 backstage blue lights.

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